The Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee - STAC

The inaugural ANDI Board meeting, hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) on 11-12 Janaury 2011, saw the establishment of the ANDI Board and adoption of 13 Resolutions.
In Resolution 9, the Board approves the Terms of Reference for the ANDI Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) which shall be comprised of 12 members.

The STAC has the following advisory functions:

  • Review and advise ANDI secretariat and the Board, from a scientific and technical standpoint, and with reference to content, on the scope and feasibility of:

o   Issues relating to ANDI scientific and technical policy and strategic priority areas

o   Strategic balance of ANDI's portfolio

o   ANDI research projects

o   3rd party collaboration proposals

o   ANDI Centres of Excellence

  • Review project applications received through call for projects or proactively and make funding recommendations to the ANDI secretariat

  • Annual review of individual projects within the ANDI portfolio and make funding recommendations to the ANDI secretariat

  • STAC shall review and recommend projects, scientists, institutions to be considered for ANDI innovation awards.

  • STAC shall review applications for ANDI Centres of Excellence and make recommendations to the ANDI secretariat and the Board.

  • Provide the Board, the Executing agency and ANDI secretariat with a continuous independent evaluation of the scientific and technical aspects of all activities of ANDI. For these purposes the STAC may      propose and present for consideration such technical documents and recommendations as it may deem appropriate.

 STAC Members:

1. Prof. Barthelemy Nyasse, Ag Chair of STAC, University of Bamenda Cameroon
2. Prof. Ivan Addae-Mensah, Member, University of Ghana
3. Dr Peter Atadja, member,Novartis
4. Prof. Sanaa Botros, Member, Theodore Bilharz Research Institute
5. Dr Mohamed Hechmi Louzir , member, Institute Pasteur
6. Dr Ole Olesen , Member, Director of North-North Cooperation, European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP)
7. Prof. Anastasia Guantai , Member, University of Nairobi
8. Dr Margaret Ndomondo-Sigonda
9. Prof. Rajae EL AOUAD,
10. Dr Martin Ota WHO Brazzaville
11. Dr Tewabech Bishaw , CEO Alliance for Brain Gain and Innovative Development
12. Bernadette RAMIREZ,Research on Vectors, Environment and Society, Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases    (TDR)
13. Dr Appolinaire Djikeng, Director, BecA-ILRI Hub



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