The African Network for Drugs and Diagnostics Innovation (ANDI) was launched in Abuja in 2008. Its goal is to promote and sustain African-led product R&D innovation through the discovery, development and delivery of affordable new tools, including those based on traditional medicines. ANDI will also support capacity and infrastructural development.



To promote and sustain African-led health product innovation to address African public health needs through efficient use of local knowledge, assembly of research networks, and building of capacity to support economic development



Create a sustainable platform for R&D innovation in Africa to address Africa’s own health needs.

ANDI’s primary objective is to promote and support health product R&D led by African institutions for diseases of high prevalence in the continent. The expected outcome is the discovery, development and delivery of affordable new health tools including those based on traditional medicine, as well as the development of capacity and establishment of centers of research excellence.




ANDI is working with different partners to transfer local technology and research in to potential discovery and market to help improve access to medicine for the people of Africa and the world. ANDI is also making a significant contribution in building the capacity of African health researchers through different collaborations and training opportunities. It presents a unique opportunity to support advanced local health technologies and build capacity to support public health and development.

ANDI also took the first step in mapping African research and development landscape and creating centres of Excellence in Health research and development, a move that displayed the existing potential of African researchers and centres.   ANDI is an African led and owned structure governed by a panel of Ministers from Africa.

Expected Outcomes and Value Proposition

In specific terms, the ANDI value proposition defines the expected input of ANDI and different Stakeholders in the ANDI operations and how they will benefit from by investing in the work of ANDI (Figure 1). It clarifies certain actions to be taken by ANDI and various stakeholders (Including governments, donors, private and public sector agencies, philanthropic foundations, NGOs, project partners) and what these partners and the general public will get out of such investment.


ANDI Expected Outcomes and Value Proposition


As shown in Figure 1: ANDI input will use the R&D and management expertise of its staff, Consultants and partners to manage a portfolio of project and Centres of Excellence; funding of projects competitively, proactively and transparently with funding from donor and other funding sources. ANDI will also support IP management and technology transfer in support of translational research, manufacturing and access to health products.

ANDI will foster public private partnerships, and establishment of new firms and institutions to support these objectives. ANDI will also cooperate with various local health initiatives, ministries of Health, Science & Technology, Education, Trade as well as Finance and Economic Development to ensure optimal implementation of its objectives. Utilizing these mechanisms, infrastructure of partner institutions, R&D or manufacturing expertise of partner institutions, access to traditional knowledge as well as in-kind support from partners, ANDI will discover, develop and deliver drugs, diagnostics, vaccines for African population and, in fact, other parts of the world. In addition, the African population will have a sustainable access to affordable health tools in support of improved health; human capital development and economic development; brain gain in Africa; and close collaboration among African scientists to solve health problems. The partners, African investigators and institutions will have leadership and ownership of the research they are undertaking, IP and a share of the R&D outcome, support for Centres of Excellence, support for intra-African, South-South and North-South collaborations. The work of ANDI will help develop the next health innovation entrepreneurs in the continent as well as new biotechs (SME), new technoparks or innovation hubs in support of R&D and manufacture.

In summary, the goals of ANDI will be accomplished through and with the following outcomes:

  • Increase research and development collaboration among African institutions and countries, including the management of Centres of Excellence in health innovation;
  • Fund and manage a portfolio of health R&D projects
  • Support and promote public-private partnerships and new firms within Africa to support the development and manufacture of new drugs, diagnostics and other health products;
  • Generate and manage intellectual property and explore innovative mechanisms to encourage and reward local innovation while promoting access, including research drawing on traditional medicine;
  • Promote South-South and North-South collaborations;
  • Promote long term economic sustainability through R&D and access to health products in Africa.




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